Testimonial 04

“Gabrielle is a kind, sensitive therapist who is in tune with the nuances of the human spirit and mind. She was an unyielding supportive force for our entire family during this transformative time of healing. We feel a deep gratitude to her that will carry on with our family for the rest of our lives together.”

~ Family Therapy Client

Testimonial 03

"If you are ready to invest in restructuring your unsatisfying relationship patterns, look no further than Gabrielle. The results I have seen from her couple therapy work with the very troubled couples whom I have referred to her, have truly raised the bar for what I believe is possible in couple therapy.  Highly recommended!"

~ Will Van Derveer, MD Integrative Psychiatric Healing Center

Testimonial 02

“We are mental health professionals who have seen three previous couples therapists. The PACT approach is unique and revolutionary. You can't learn these body based techniques in a book. By learning to read and understand each other's nervous systems, our ability to connect and communicate has improved dramatically. This therapy is a big commitment of time, energy and money but if you're serious about learning a new way to be in relationship, Gabrielle is the one.”

~ Couples Therapy Client

Testimonial 01

“I just wanted to reach out and say thank you again for all these many months of working with my husband and I. I am absolutely amazed at your skill and your persistence at getting to root issues.  It takes something very special to do what you do hour after hour with the intensity of old trauma and new emotions revealing themselves. You told me in the beginning that PACT therapy could be as powerful as individual therapy ...now I see what you meant.  I feel like a different person from when we started and I owe much of that to you."

~ Couples Therapy Client