Do You Feel a Lack of Support as a Therapist in Private Practice?

Do you want to learn new ways to help your clients?

Do you wish you had an experienced professional to consult with when difficult situations arise—for you or your clients?

Do you gain more insight in connection with others than you do on your own?

Are you looking for clinical consultation to get some new techniques or perspectives to give your practice a boost?

The lives of all human beings are very complex. And in today’s world, they are only getting more intense. Your clients are facing ever-growing challenges. As a clinician in private practice, you can feel quite alone in handling these issues. On top of this, working with clients can also activate your own unresolved history and feelings (countertransference). This can make you feel stressed, and your job can seem even more demanding. Taken together, these factors can leave you feeling overwhelmed, isolated and unsupported.

Many Therapists Don’t Get the Help They Need with Their Practices

Gabrielle Usatynski teaching a seminar

If you are feeling a lack of support in your psychotherapy practice, you are not alone. Many therapists struggle repeatedly with certain issues in their practice, but it can be hard to seek out and find the help they need.

There are many reason for this. You may be afraid of being judged if you reach out for help. You may have tried to find clinical consultants online but recognized that this is not a place to discuss the nuts and bolts of your cases due to confidentiality constraints. You may have attended seminars to get Continuing Education Units and found them too theoretical. These seminars may not have addressed your exact situation and clinical questions.

The good news is that one-on-one consultation is an excellent way for you to get non-judgmental, targeted, confidential support on the exact issues that you are facing in your practice. This can go a long way in preventing therapist burnout.

Quality Clinical Consultation is the Secret to Successful Private Practice

woman in business attire at group consultation

It is my pleasure to provide consultation for psychotherapists in private practice in the areas of individual and couples therapy.

I am a seasoned psychotherapist, consultant and educator with nearly two decades of experience. I have extensive training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and PACT (a Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy), including over seven years of direct training with Dr. Stan Tatkin. I have applied all of this knowledge to working with hundreds of couples and individuals.

Many of my students and consultees have been in practice for decades; and some are newer to the profession. Wherever you are in your journey, having a consultant that you can turn to is essential. Another professional who has walked this path can make an enormous difference in helping you deal with your thoughts and feelings as well as uncertain moments in therapy.

The Clinical Consultation I Offer Is Customized for You and Your Unique Challenges

Gabrielle Usatynski providing a clinical consultation

The one-on-one consultation I provide is entirely focused on your particular needs as a therapist. Getting consultation from a safe, non-judgmental and caring consultant is going to help you with:

  • Case Conceptualization: Learn how to identify exactly what is going on for your clients. You’ll be able to distinguish between trauma, disorganized attachment, psychosis, disorders of the self, and neurobiological deficits, for both individual and couples therapy.

  • Mastering New Interventions: Get new cutting-edge techniques to help your clients break through entrenched patterns and make real changes in their lives.

  • Transforming Countertransference: Self-reflection and self-awareness are critical to being a successful clinician. When you understand how your own feelings and history can get activated in working with clients, this allows you to remain calm and regulated when in the therapist’s chair. Identifying and working with your own countertransference frees you up to make clear-headed decisions in the therapy room.

    In consultation, you’ll learn how to convert the strong emotions you have in response to your clients into powerful interventions that you can use to support their growth and transformation.

  • Setting Clear Boundaries: Creating an administrative frame for your practice that supports your clients’ optimal growth. This includes looking at policies and procedures in your practice to set firm boundaries and create a supportive therapeutic container.

    However you decided to use it, consultation is a time to focus on you: Your cases, your questions, your feelings. It’s about exploring your personal process at it relates to your psychotherapy practice.

But You May Have Doubts About Getting Professional Consultation...

I Feel Embarrassed That I Am Struggling. I’m Afraid of Being Judged If I Reach Out for Help.

You may feel vulnerable about consulting with another professional about your work. You may be worried about revealing some sense of inadequacy that you feel when a session didn’t go so well. Or, you may worry that you will be judged.

The great benefit of one-on-one consultation is that you can discuss things without exposing yourself in a group of other clinicians. You don’t have to worry about what other clinicians think about you or how they might judge you.

Understand that asking for help from another professional is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Consultation Is Expensive. Is It Worth the Money?

Your professional satisfaction and well-being is critical to your long-term success as a therapist. Studies show that a lack of ongoing support can contribute to burnout in mental health professionals. Finding joy in your work is what keeps you in it for the long haul. Consultation is priceless because it helps you continue to find joy at work.

I’ve Done So Much Training Already. Why Should I Get Consultation?

You may be a highly-trained clinician and wondering if you really need consultation. No matter how much training you have had, we all have times that our triggers and reactions arise in working clients. Having a safe and confidential space to work through these reactions is critical even for advanced clinicians. In this way, clinical consultation for therapists serves a unique purpose. Therapists often find it far more personally valuable than attending a training.

As a psychotherapist and educator, I care deeply about continuing education in our field. I have developed multiple online and in-person psychotherapy training programs for experienced and beginner therapists. My students continuously report that these trainings provide in-depth theory and practice-related to issues that are relevant to the success of all clinicians, such as personality disorders, trauma and couples therapy.

I see consistently that the therapists who consult with me develop greater self-awareness and widen their knowledge of how to help their clients. This leads to a newfound sense of confidence that they can effect real change and be of tremendous service in the world.

What My Consultees and Students Say About Consulting with Me:

“I really loved how [Gabrielle] brought in the things that really drew me to psychology in the first place: the enjoyment of other humans, the compassion and appreciation for the human journey. She brought in a real warmth and care for people in general that really helped balance out the part of my mind that’s trying to figure out how to help my clients best and then the part of me that just really cares about people and wants to be there and wants to be a facilitator and a witness to their journey.

And then I found when I was going back into seeing clients, I didn’t feel as alone... I felt like I had someone at my back that was supporting me and encouraging me and helping me understand what I was seeing and what I was struggling with and what to do about it.”

— Licensed Professional Counselor, Boulder, CO

“The course has exceeded my expectations in terms of Gabrielle’s depth of knowledge, her preparedness and in the apparent thoughtfulness she has put into her curriculum. I appreciate the different perspectives she brings to the coursework and the varied mediums she uses for teaching- lecture, helpful handouts, videos and the opportunity to role play cases. I am beginning to better understand my clients and to implement more effective interventions as a result of this course. I recommend this course without reservation.”

— Licensed Psychologist, Boulder, CO

Clinical Consultation for Therapists Helps You Maintain a Sense of Meaning in Your Practice

As a psychotherapist, there are many moments when you can’t help but recognize what a profound opportunity it is to serve other human beings. Working with a consultant is an invaluable investment in your personal and professional self. Your self-care is vital to being able to thrive as a professional.I have the skills and expertise you need to help you dig deep within yourself and continue to find fulfillment in your work.

Don’t let yourself get caught up in doubt and inaction. Get the guidance you need to help you stay committed, compassionate and aligned with your mission as a therapist.

I invite you to talk with me so you can see if we are a good fit and find out about the role that professional consultation can play in your overall private practice game plan.

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